Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Erin Boyle Low Fell 12th December 2014 Passed 2nd Attempt 2 minors

Erin well done and a very well guarded secret, A great pass at the 2nd attempt with only 2 recorded driver faults, and getting a bottle a bubbly to celebrate with. All you want for Christmas now is a shiny new car!!. Hope you believe in Santa!!. Lessons were always a pleasure and you are a good attentive pupil. I look forward to seeing you driving about soon. Take Care Phil

Cheryl Heslewood Dunston 5th December 2014 Passed 1st Time 2 Minors

Cheryl absolutely delighted for you, the culmination of a focussed week getting a really great first time pass with only two driver faults. It was a pleasure to teach you from day one and always good company in the car. I hope you now can get a car asap and gain some independence and no public transport to worry about any more. Take care Phil

Laura Best Harrogate 1st December 2014 Passed 1st Time 1 Minor

Very well done Laura a superb drive with only one recorded driving fault. Your Dad will be delighted now that he does not have to drive and bring you to the Team Valley every Friday night for your lessons. Our lessons were always enjoyable and I look forward to you getting your own car soon and seeing driving about. Hope you enjoy the champagne and have a great Xmas and New Year. Take care Phil

Marianne Amor Low Fell 28th Nov 2014 Passed 1st Time

Well Marianne on Monday the dream was never on but hard work, thinking and swotting has certainly paid off. It was never going to be a walk in the park but with steally grit and determination you achieved a fantastic first time  pass which your friends said would be unattainable, but who has the last laugh!! So proud of you really well done and take care. Phil

Katherine Lazarus Low Fell 6th November 2014 Passed 1st time 2 minors

A super drive Katherine you held your nerve well and gained a well deserved first time pass with only 2 minor driving faults. I hope you enjoy the champagne and wish you all the best in the future and hope the house purchase goes well.  Take care and well done again.Phil