Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Jane Morgan Low Fell 18th September 2014 Passed 4 Minors

Jane a great drive today , you kept your calm and drove to your potential with a positive environment in the car helping you achieve this. Mam and Geoff will be so pleased for you and hopefully get you insured soon to enable you enjoy your new skill. It was a pleasure to help you pass your driving test albeit I will miss your company in the car. Good luck with your studies at University and Take Care Phil

Jamie Scott Lobley Hill 13th September 2014 Passed 1st Time

Well done Jamie, the good work over the last couple of weeks has worked out spot on to get that 1st time pass in just 22 hours. You will be pleased the end of the buses is close and this will give  you lots more time. Good company in the car and I look forward to seeing you in your own car shortly. Take care Phil

Ashleigh Chapman Streetgate 11th September 2014 Passed 1st Time 2 minors

Well Ashleigh what a fantastic drive!!!. I could not be more pleased to see your face when your examiner told you that you passed. Yes and first time with only 2 minor driving faults. Ashleigh you were a joy to teach and coach from day one, I hope you can take this confidence boost into life and achieve all you wish. Well done again and take care Phil

Jade Barrass Low Fell 9th September 2014 Passed 2nd Attempt

Jade a great drive today and achieved a well deserved pass at the 2nd attempt.  You were a pleasure to teach and always an attentive and enthusiastic pupil.  I look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads in the future. I n the meantime congratulations and take care. Phil


James Richardson Whickham 6th September Passed with 3 Minors

James a really good drive today and passing on the second attempt with only 3 minors just goes to show how good a driver you are when totally focussed. I hope you enjoy your bottle of champagne and many thanks for the chocolates. Take care Phil