Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Jamie Webster Eighton Banks 15th Sept 2017 passed 1st time

Passing with your words Jamie a really bad drive!!!. Well done Jamie it is still recorded as a first time pass after 17 lessons. It’s a shame nerves got the better of you as were more than capable of passing with a clean sheet. It was a pleasure to help you learn to drive and I hope this new skill will open many doors for you in your chosen career pass. Take care Phil

Nathan Aspery Whickham 29th August 2017 Passed 1st time

Nathan well done gaining a first time pass after 20 hours of lessons. A great thank you to your dad for his help in getting you to the required standard so quickly. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I wish you all the success in your chosen career. Take care Phil

Ellen Wardle Newcastle 23rd August 2017 passed 2nd attempt

Well done Ellen the first part of a new chapter in your life. It has been a pleasure to help you learn to drive and get to know you. I wish you all the success in the future and maybe see you driving your own car soon. Well done again take care Phil

Alicia Reed Low Fell 4th August 2017 Passed 1st Time

A great start to your holidays getting that well deserved 1st time pass with only 4 minors. It was good to get to know you and always excellent company in the car. I will miss our Friday lessons from Emmanuel College but wish you all the very best with your exams and career aspirations. Well done again Alicia take care Phil

Lewis Proud Low Fell 2 August 2018 Passed 2nd attempt 3 minors

Congratulations Lewis on passing at the 2nd attempt with only 3minors. A really good drive on a more complicated route than your first test. It has been a pleasure to teach you and get to know you, and I hope by having your licence will make your life a lot easier. Enjoy the bottle of fizz and looking forward to seeing you about. Take care Phil