Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Beth Pendleton Harlow Green 11th March 2015 passed first time

Beth super drive as always today, the first time pass with just 2 minors was never in doubt. It was a pleasure to teach you and help you pass your driving test. I wish you all the very best in your chosen career and look forward to see you driving about shortly. Take care Phil

Sean Pitt Gateshead 3rd March 2015 Passed 1st Time 2 Minors

Mint drive Sean told you the pass would never be in doubt providing you kept calm. It was a pleasure to teach you and get to know you. Look forward to seeing you out and about in the near future. Take Care Phil

Ross Moore South Pelaw 20th Feb 2015 passed 2nd attempt

Ross never going to be in any doubt a great solid drive and a comfortable pass. It was a pleasure to help you pass your test and always good banter in the car. See you about take care Phil

Hal Robinson Whickham 20th Feb 2015 Passed 1st Time

Hal what seamed most unlikely last week has been turned around extremely well this week to get a first time pass. Well done for listening to constructive comments and applying these to your drive and it just goes to show that the test plan we put together works. You now enjoy the opportunity to drive on the roads on your own. Take care Phil

Rebecca Scullion Teams 23rd Jan 2015 Passed 3 minors

Rebecca absolutely delighted for you. I know it has been a long tough journey but you have achieved your goal and have taken a massive step forward towards your career aspirations. Thanks for the prezzie I am sure they will be used!!!  enjoy the bottle of bubbly. Take care Phil