Reward Driving

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James Mulholland Lobley Hill 2nd May 2013 Passed 1st time 5 minors

James sitting in the back was a comfortable passenger bar the one moment, but overall a good solid drive and a well deserved pass. I wish you all the best for the future and hope having the driving licence will help you get a new job. Take care Phil

Sarah Blythe Blaydon 1st May 2013 Passed 2nd time 2 minors

Sarah a great drive today on a tricky route. you held your nerves together really well and achieved a brilliant pass with only 2 minors and getting a well desreved bottle of champers for your efforts. You were great to teach and coach and very much look forward to you doing your pass plus course in the next few weeks. Take care and again well done. Phil

Megan Matheson Low Fell 30th April 2013 Passed 2nd time

Well done Megan absolutely delighted for you today passing your test at the second attempt with only 6 minors. The way you drove on the last two lessons was mint so the pass today was a formality. You were a joy to teach and coach from day one and will certainly be missed for your lessons. I look forward to seeing you on the roads soon and hopefully you will arrange the pass plus to give you more expreience and practice on more complicated roads. Take care and good luck for the future. Phil

Luke Renwick Low Fell 3rd April 2013 Passed 2nd Time 5 Minors

Luke great drive today, never in doubt today the way you drove beforehand. I will certainly miss the banter Luke, look forward to seeing you on the Fell for a pint or two. Good luck in your job and best wishers for the future. Phil

Lizzie Consterdine Low Fell 26th March 2013 Passed 2nd Time 4 Minors

Lizzie delighted for you a super drive today, could not be more pleased for you. Lizzie you were an absolute pleasure to teach and coach, and always good company in the car, with a willing approach to improve your driving. Mondays wont be the same without you. I wish you all the best with your course and future career. Take care Phil