Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Scott Elliott Wrekenton Feb 7th 2013 Passed 1st time 3 Minors

Great drive Scott, told you would pass with only a few minors. Enjoy the bottle of Chapmers(probably mam and Dad will enjoy). Hope you have a good celebratory meal tonight. Will miss the banter in the car and best wishes for the future. Take care Phil

Abbi Langford Low Fell 25th Jan 2013 Passed 1st Time

Well done Abbi you held your nerves today to get that brilliant first time pass. You were a pleasure to coach and great company in the car, will miss your lessons but look forward to seeing you in your KA on the roads. Happy driving take care Phil

Sam McCartney Heworth 17th Jan 2013 Passed 3 minors

Great drive Sam absolutely delighted for. All the hard work and effort has paid off getting a a great pass with only 3 minors and a bottle of champagne as well!. You were a pleasure to coach and I wish you all the best in your studies and hope you get the grades to enter the university of your choice. Take care Phil

Dr James Garnett Low Fell 11/01/2013 Passed 1st Time 1 Minor

Great drive James kept your nerve throughout the test and got that well deserved 1st time pass. It certainly did not take us too long either start in November and pass January. Will miss the lessons as you were great company in the car and an attentive student. Best wishes for the year ahead. Phil

Brad McManus Team Valley 28th Dec 2012 Passed 1st Time 4 Minors

Brad well done a good solid drive today. You were a pleasure to teach from day one. Delighted you got that first time pass and you can now enjoy snowboarding for the rest of the holidays!. Take Care Phil