Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Jordan Clinch Low Fell 12th June 2014 Passed 1st Time 3minors

Well done Jordan did the bollocking on Friday about mirrors pay of handsomely!!!. Seriously Jordan a super drive today and getting that well deserved  first time pass with only three minors. Look forward to see you doing snow clearing in the street now the older ones can take it a bit easier. Take care Phil

Chris Gair Fenham 30th May 2014 Passed 1st Time

Well done Chris a good solid drive even though you had a bit difficulty reading the signs!!. It did not take use too long to get you ready for your test( less than 30 hours) and be able to pass with only five minors at the first attempt. It was a pleasure to help you achieve your goal and hope it helps to get you on the employment ladder. Take care Phil

Laura Kennedy Low Fell 29th May 2014 Passed 6 Minors

God loves a trier Laura congratulations on passing your driving test today. Your persistence and endeavour has paid of in the end. I could not be more pleased for you. It was a pleasure to help and coach you to achieve  your goal  albeit it was hard work and frustrating for you at times. I wish you all the best in the future and hope this is a stepping stone to enhance your career aspirations. Take care Phil

Sam Skelton Eighton Banks 23rd May 2014 Passed 1st Time 4 minors

Sam pass never in doubt a great drive and getting a well deserved first time pass with only 4 minors and well under 30 hours tuition.  I wish everyone was as easy to coach as you Sam and I look forward to seeing you out and about in your car in the next few days. Take care. Phil

Matt Higgs Low Fell 16th May 2014 Passed 6 Minors

Well done Matt held your nerves together and gained that well deserved pass. Great crack in the car and a pleasure to teach. Enjoy the holiday with the lads. Just hope Matt does not take his spinning fishing rod with him!!.Take care Phil