Reward Driving

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Kayla Robinson Winlaton 24th August 2023 passed 2nd attempt

Miracles do happen Kayla nothing to do with Magpies, just a bloody good drive holding your nerves and anxiety together and a banana and calms to help, getting a greatly deserved pass. Absolutely buzzing for you. It’s been a pleasure to teach you to drive and help you overcome all the emotional obstacles along the way. All the very best wishes for everything moving forward. Take care Phil

Jade Farrell Washington 3rd August 2023 passed 2nd Attempt 1 minor

Great drive Jade getting a really well deserved pass with just one minor at the 2nd attempt. It’s been a pleasure helping you to learn to drive and get to know you. I sincerely hope this life long skill will open up many avenues for you for your career and future life aspirations. Take care Phil

Ryan Delaney Bensham 6th July 2023 passed 1st 2 minors

Well done Ryan great drive getting a well deserved 1st time pass with just a couple of minors. Been great getting to know you and help you along the way to passing your test. Best wishes for your future wherever that may take you. Take care Phil

Amy Stout Wardley 22nd June 2023 passed 1st time 6 minors

Amy well you have done  it getting a super pass at your first attempt with ReWard. You should never have doubted it! I am thrilled for you as I know you have had many things on your mind throughout the lessons, but your sheer desire to achieve your goal drove you forward to get there. So pleased I helped you on this journey. Good luck with your new job. Take care Phil

Sarah Goode Birtley 15th June 2023 passed 2nd attempt 0 minors

C’est magnifique!!
Sarah a clean sheet with no minors as the examiner said a fantastic drive. It has been a pleasure to help you learn to drive and get to know you. I hope this new life skill opens up many opportunities in your life. Take care Phil