Practical Test

Once you have passed the theory test you can then sit your practical test. Your driving instructor will let you know when you have reached the standard to pass your test.

At the start of the test your examiner will ask you to produce  your driving licence and have your theory certificate available if required.

An eye test will be carried out at the beginning of the test so if you wear glasses do not forget to bring these with you.

You will then be asked one tell me question. eg Tell me how you would check the tyre pressures.

During the drive at an appropriate safe time you will be asked a show me question. eg Show me how to set the rear demister

The driving test lasts approximately 40 minutes and you will be asked to drive in a number of various road and traffic conditions similar to those you will of practised with your driving instructor as well as carrying  out one of the four  manoeuvres you have been practicing with your instructor.

From the December 2017 the driving test changed. You will be required to drive independantly for a period of approximately 20 minutes following directions from a Sat Nav or by following road signs from instructions given by your examiner. The rest of the test you will be given one by one verbal instructions from your examiner. The independent drive will be either towards the beginning or end of the test. You will not be failed if you go the wrong way so long as you do not commit a serious driving fault.