Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Kevin Ruddy Newburn 7th Jan 2011 Pass 2 minors

Nice one Kev, pass never in doubt, hope mam gets you that car she promised. Enjoy the champers. See you out and about Phil.

Chloe Fletcher Low Fell Passed 29th October 3 minors

Chloe really well done, got your confidence back and succeeded with a brilliant drive. Thanks for the chocs, enjoy the champagne. Looks like you are correct we will be having Lambrini for Xmas as your all passing with 3 minors or less!!!. Phil

Kyra Moir Newcastle Pass 28th October 2 minors

A brilliant drive Kyra knew you would nail it. Enjoy the Champagne. Look forward to your pass plus in December. You were a pleasure to coach. Phil