Reward Driving

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Ashley Guest Dunston Passed 16th May 2011

Delighted for you Ashley, a really good drive today and over came the nerves, the ciggi before must have done the trick. Will see you driving about in your 206. Phil

Helen McCulloch Low Fell 11 May 2011 Pass only 1 Minor

Helen a brilliant drive really well done. Enjoy the Champers, will miss you, now you have passed. Good luck for the future and enjoy Leeds. Phil

Craig Pearson Low Fell 4th April pass first time 1 minor

Well done Craig a great drive just hope when we go to the footie that we see more goals than your minors!! . In the meantime enjoy the champers. Phil

Liam Bennison, passed March 31st 4 minors.

Now that’s the way its supposed to be done!! We drive around chatting about the football over the winter and then you cruise through your test. Piece of cake! Anyway, all the best mate & look after yourself. Rob

Ben Stanley Gateshead 16th March 2011 Pass

Well done Ben nice smooth drive, try reading the road signs and keep in the middle of your lane now you have passed!!. Seriously great drive and see you out and about on the roads. Phil