Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Emma Quinn Low Fell Passed 18th July 2011

Well done Emma absolutely delighted you passed today and with only 6 minors, a really good drive. You have been a pleasure to teach and wish you all the success you deserve with you A Levels and future career. Phil

Sophie Wood Low Fell 14th July Pass 1st Time 3 minors

Well done Sophie got the calms working just in time to have a brilliant drive. Enjoy the Champagne and look forward to the pass plus. Will miss the banter in the car but not the sarky comments about me naff golf. Take care Phil

John-Joe Kirwin-Thomas Pelton June 21 Pass 5 minors

Nice one John. Great drive today, will miss the banter in the car. Best wishes for the new job and your future. Phil

Georgina Hulland Low Fell 3rd June 2011 Pass

Well done Georgie, over the moon for you. Now you can go and drive without me!!. Will really miss your company and banter in the car especially the trips to the sweet shop in Whickham for the mixes. Enjoy your new found freedom. Good luck for the future and hope New York goes well. Phil

Jim Morrison Gateshead 26th May Passed 7 Minors

Well done Jim, not your best drive but good enough to pass though. You have been great crack in the car and will miss your company. Keep the texts coming though. Take care Phil