Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Nick Wolfington Low Fell 13th September pass 1st time 2 minors

Nick all the hard work paid of with a fantastic first time pass in a very short time.  Enjoy going back to Univeristy, trust the bottle of bubbly will go down well. I will miss the banter in the car. Well done again Nick. Best Regards Phil

Kim Maxwell Gateshead 12 September 2011 Pass 1st Time 3 minors

Well done Kim, the calms kicked in at the right time for you to hold your nerves and have a brilliant drive to pass with only 3 minors. You can now believe it you can drive a car on your own. Enjoy the bottle of bubbly. Best Wishes Phil

Lewis Whybrow Low Fell 6th September 2011 Passed 3 minors

A great drive Lewis held those nerves together really well. Looking forward to seeing you on the roads, will make things a lot easier for you and public transport now a thing of the past. Will miss the banter in the car. Good luck with your studies and hope you get to the univerity of your choice. Well done again Lewis and enjoy the champagne. Phil

Sharron Cook Gateshead Passed 26th August 2 minors

In very testing weather conditions an exceptional drive Sharron. You can now take the kids to the seaside(weather permitting!!) and get your car back of Dave. Looking forward to seeing you on the roads. Take Care Phil

Emily Mcintosh Low Fell 25th August Passed 1 minor

Emily an absolutely mint drive today, you put all the techniques you have been taught over the last few weeks into practice and they worked a treat for you. Hope you enjoy the champagne and all the best wishes for your future. Take care. Phil