Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Toni Stone Gateshead 25th June 2012 Passed 2 minors

Toni a really good drive pass never in doubt for me sitting chilled in the back. Just wish you had held your nerves together earlier. The champagne makes the experience of passing that much better, and we achieved your ultimate goal of passing before your birthday. You were a pleasure to teach and I will miss your company in the car but will see you out and about on the roads soon. Phil

Josephine Wardle Newcastle 19th June 2012 Passed 2nd Time 2 Minors

Absolutely delighted for you Josephine. The hard work has paid the just deserved reward and now should help open so many new avenues. Will certainly miss the conversations in the car you were a joy to teach and look forward to the Pass plus cousre. Enjoy your champagne in the meantime. Phil

Andy Sims Lobley Hill 13th June 2012 Passed First time 2 minors

Andy mint drive today, told you test was straight forward, putting into practice exactly what you did in the lessons. Good luck with the personal fitness course and look forward to you getting your first car. Sam will keep you in check though!! Phil

Laura Brooksbanks Birtley 11 June 2012 Passed 1st Time

Laura told you dreams can come true. A super drive and yes only 3 minor driving faults. You desrved that bottle of Champagne to go with the pass.  You were an absolute pleasure to teach and will certainly miss the banter. Maybe you can now try Harris Bank on your own!!. Take care and don’t forget to do the pass plus course. Phil

Dave Watts Gateshead 29th May Passed 1st Time 1 Minor

Absolutely mint drive Dave.  Going to miss the Monday tea time lessons and the laughs in the car. Goal achieved on time and in budget of passing with minimum of fuss first time. Can your mam send some blueberry muffins asap as they were lovely. Hope you enjoy the champagne and get your car asap. Give me a call for the pass plus soonest. Phil