Reward Driving

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Sarah Brown Dunston 27th October 2011 passed 2nd time 9 minors

Delighted for you Sarah a good solid drive. You can now get Richie to get that car for you and say goodbye to all those taxis. Will miss the banter in the car but look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads soon. Take care Phil

Graeme Dunlop Low Fell 27th October 2011 Passed 1st time 3 minors

Great drive Graeme, sitting in the back never a worry I was a comfortable passenger. Hope you enjoy the bottle of Champers it was well deserved. Look forward to seeing you out and about maybe catch up for a pint and having good chat about the footie and rugby. Hope all goes well with the teaching posts and hope you can get back to playing rugby again soonest. Once again Graeme well done and will miss the banter in the car. Phil

Jenny Consterdine Low Fell 25th October Passed 1st time 1 minor

Great drive Jenny really well done, pleased the cheesy smile helped for the bay park at the end of the test!!. Enjoy the bottle of bubbly and a real tough target for Clare to beat. Good luck for the future. Best wishes. Phil

Sarah Nicholson Low Fell 24th October 2011 Passed 1st Time 2 minors

Well done Sarah a really excellent drive with only 2 minors. You were speechless but just goes to show how good a driver you have become over the last few weeks. You were certainly a bit nervous before the test, but you held it together brilliantly to gain that first time pass and yes with a bottle of bubbly too. Look forward to you doing the pass plus course. In the meantime take care. Phil

Eve Nicholson Low Fell 19th October Passed 1st time 3 minors

Eve you cracked it before your 50th. Really pleased for you and look forward to the free bacon butties!!. Congratulations on being my 40th pass of the year. Going to miss the banter in the car you were an absolute pleasure to teach. Hope you can now develop your business. Best Wishes Phil