Reward Driving

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Jemma Coulson Whickham Pass 25th Jan 2011

Who’s a star then? Jemma delighted you have passed and nobody knew a thing until 1.30 and then every one knew. Will miss the banter in the car and your company but sure to see you on the pass plus and  driving about. Well done again Phil.

Shaun Corrigan Low Fell Passed 3 minors 14th Jan 2011

Well done Shaun enjoy the champers. Just hope you put the lottery on tonight!!. And if you win don’t forget who your friends are. Seriously good drive though and a well deserved pass. Phil

Kelly Keene Dunston Passed 7 Minors 13 Jan 2011

Kelly absolutely delighted you have achieved your goal. Knew you would do it, you just needed that extra confidence and sure enough the pass is yours. Look forward to the Pass plus, when I get a gap in the diary!!!. Really well done get Mark to get that car for you so you can teach him the parallel park!! Phil

Josh Holland Gateshead Passed 5 minors 10th January 2011

Well done Josh a great drive. Will miss the banter in the car but look forward to see you out and about on the roads. Phil

Kevin Ruddy Newburn 7th Jan 2011 Pass 2 minors

Nice one Kev, pass never in doubt, hope mam gets you that car she promised. Enjoy the champers. See you out and about Phil.

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