Reward Driving

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Eve Nicholson Low Fell 19th October Passed 1st time 3 minors

Eve you cracked it before your 50th. Really pleased for you and look forward to the free bacon butties!!. Congratulations on being my 40th pass of the year. Going to miss the banter in the car you were an absolute pleasure to teach. Hope you can now develop your business. Best Wishes Phil

Talia Graham Wardley 17th October 2011

Congratulations Talia on passing your driving test, you kept going and got their in the end with a really great drive and getting a bottle of champers as well. Will miss you in the car and really looking forward to your pass plus in the next week or two.  Enjoy the moment and let everyone know really pleased for you. Phil

Kim Hall Springwell 11th October 2011 Pass 1st Time

Kim delighted for you getting that 1st time pass. It has been a long hard slog but all the hard work and effort has paid off. Will miss you in the car but I can now get Saturday’s back and try and get a few more games of golf in!!. And of course you and Kenny will have a lot more quality time together. Once again Kim really well done and look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads. Phil

Laura Copeland Low Fell 5th October 2011 pass 1st time 1 minor

Laura great drive today just hope the second half of the double today went as smoothly. Hope you settle nicely into your 1st home snuggly with a nice bottle of bubbly to celebrate with Lee. You were a pleasure to coach and look forward to seeing driving on the roads. Take care. Phil

Lauren Ball Low Fell 4th October 2011 Pass 2 Minors

Absolutely mint drive Lauren, really pleased for you and just goes to show all the hard work has paid of handsomely with an excellant pass with only 2 minors. Trust you enjoy the bottle of Champers and look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads. Once again well done. Phil