Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Sam Fraser Low Fell 15th May 2014 Passed 1st Time 1 Minor

Sam what a mint drive passing first time with only one driver fault and getting a bottle of champagne in the process. Dad will be delighted as the theory test did cost him a few quid!!. Sam great crack in the car and will miss our lessons but look forward to seeing you out and about and very much look forward to you getting a pint in for me! Hope this is the start of a brilliant weekend with the Heed getting the win at Wembley. Take care Phil


Kate Harland Heworth 4th April 2014 Passed 1st time

Great drive Kate a really great start to the Easter Holidays. Sure you can wait to start driving your own car. You were a great pupil to teach always willing to listen and pick up tips and advice.  Putting these into practice today under test conditions and getting a fabulous pass with only one driving fault recorded. Well done again and looking forward to seeing you out and about in your car. Take care Phil

Eleanor Main Low Fell 2nd April2014 Passed 1st Time 3 Minors

Well done Eleanor you managed to keep you nerves in control and managed to get that well deserved 1st time pass with only a few minor driving faults. I hope you get a car shortly and look forward to seeing you out and about. Congratulations again. Take care Phil

Michelle Connelly Chester le Street 2nd April 2014Passed 1st Time

Super drive Michelle delighted for you. It was easier to teach you than Mel! but got the same result quickly in only 20 hours and getting a great first time pass. I look forward to seeing you out and about in your car in the next few weeks. Well done again Take care. Phil

Dan Whybrow Low Fell 14th March 2014 Passed 1st time

Dan well done on passing your driving test at the first attempt albeit by the skin on your teeth!!. Seriously Dan it did not take us too long to get you up to the required standard and you managed to keep your nerves in control most of the time. I will miss your lessons but look forward to seeing you out and about on the Fell. Take care Phil