Reward Driving

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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Connor Newton Leam Lane 19th Jan 2017 Passed 4 Minors

Connor well done a nice drive and a good pass with only 4 minors. I hope by passing your driving test will open up the career opportunities you wish for. It was a pleasure to help you attain this goal. Take Care Phil

Abbie Thornton Winlaton 18th Jan 2017 Passed 2 Minor

Well done Abbie, the Kalms worked a treat. A fantastic drive and getting a great pass with only 2 minors and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with. It was a pleasure to help you to learn to drive and I wish you all the success in your chosen career path and look forward to seeing you driving about soon. Take Care Phil

Anisa Omuri Dunston 11th Jan 2016 passed 2 minors

Anisa a great drive I am so pleased for you. It was a pleasure to help you gain a very good pass in a short space of time. Life should be a lot easier for you now. Good luck for the future. Take care Phil

Chris Gair Fenham 10th Jan 2017 Passed 1st Time 1 Minor

Well done Chris great drive the haircut must have done the trick!!. Hopefully see you on the roads soon as you get your car fixed. Take care Phil

Shannon Scott Low Fell 23rd December 2016 Passed 1st Time

Well Shannon what a great way to start the holidays, getting a well earned 1st time pass and keeping up the family tradition of passing at the first attempt. Yesterday you certainly had a few nervous wobbles but today you held it together really well. I am so pleased for you, but will miss our lessons. Take care Phil.