Reward Driving

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Samantha Jackson Low Fell 9th August 2016 Passed 6 minors

Sam, I am so pleased for you on passing your driving test. It has been a long hard slog with tears on the way after a few tests. But yes God loves a trier and that’s exactly what you are with the spirit to keep going when it might have been easier to stop. I hope you enjoy many years of safe and happy driving. Well done again Sam and take care. Phil

Bethany Gillespie Teams 3rd August 2016 Passed 1st time 2 minors

Beth a great first time pass Dad and Mam will be so proud of you. Hope you enjoy the bottle of bubbly for passing with only 2 minors. I enjoyed all of our lessons and look forward to seeing you out and about shortly. Take care Phil

Georgie Goldsmith Saltwell 22nd July 2016 Passed 2nd attempt

Congratulations Georgie so pleased for you on attaining your goal. Albeit a bit worrying on Monday with you being ill, but hey it all worked out well in the end. It was pleasure to teach  and get to know you, and I hope this landmark will help you aspire to achieve what you wish for in your career. Take care Phil

Katie Quinn Low Fell 15th July 2016 Passed 1st Time 3 Minors

Well done Katie a great composed drive today and held your nerve really well to get that well deserved first time pass with only 3 minors. Both Mam and Dad will be so pleased for you. It was a pleasure to help you attain your goal and get to know you. I look forward to seeing driving about soon. Well done again and take care. Phil

Sam Ward Low Fell 8th July 2016 Passed 1st time 3 minors

Sam so pleased for you today making me an extremely proud Dad. You handled the pressure in a fantastic way and to pass 1st with only three minors is a tremendous achieve. Pleased to say we did not have any spats or tantrums as many father and daughters could have had when learning to drive. Hope you enjoy the car and have many happy times driving. Well done again I am so proud of you. Take care Dad xxx