Reward Driving

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Lauren Clay Low Fell 3rd November 2016 Passed 6 Minors

Lauren never seen anybody as so delighted at passing as you were today. I am so pleased and happy for you, you always drove well on your lessons but on test days your nerves got the better of you, but hey not today a great pass at the third attempt. I hope you enjoy the freedom and pleasure driving brings into your life. I will look forward to seeing you driving about soon. Take care Phil

Sarah Envy Lobley Hill 2nd November 2016 Passed 2nd attempt

So pleased for you Sarah you can now go out by yourself in your own car and enjoy the freedom it gives you. It was a pleasure to help you learn to drive and get to know you, wont miss the early starts but sure to miss your company in the car. Happy Driving take care. Phil

Derek Potts Felling 1st November 2016 Passed 2nd attempt

Nice one Derek on your life changing success, pleased you did not let this slip through your hands!!!. All good goalies make the odd gaffe. On a serious note it was a pleasure to teach you and pass your driving test today. Look forward to catching upon the Fell for a beer or two. Take care Phil

Ellie Toal Hamsterley Mill 1st Nov 2016 Passed 2nd attempt

Ellie well done on passing your test at the 2nd attempt, nerves got the better of you the first time. It was a pleasure to help you attain your goal and get to know you. Many thanks for the beer and chocolates. Look forward to seeing you in your own car soon. Well done again and take care. Phil

Emma Hodgson Kibblesworth 16th September 2016 Passed 2nd Attempt

I am really pleased for you Emma, you will love the freedom driving gives you and I am sure it will help give you a better quality of life. I know it was a hard slog with many instructors over a number of years but God loves a trier. It was a pleasure to help you attain this goal, well done take care Phil