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Call on 07737997661 to book your lessons!

Resumption of Normal Driving Lessons

Pleased to advise the Government have sanctioned the start of normal driving lessons.

Provided that I am comfortable with the recommended practices that the DVSA advise. I will start lessons from Monday the 6th of July.

Pupils will need to provide their own suitable PPE to include gloves and face mask, and evidence they do not have a temperature above 37 and show no symptoms of COVID 19.

At this moment I do not intend to take any new pupils until such time as the backlog with those who already have tests has cleared.

Joseph Boyack Low Fell 28th Feb 2020 passed first time

Well done Joseph on getting a great first time. It has been a pleasure to help you learn to drive and get to know you. I wish you all the very best with your future studies and career path you choose. Take care Phil

Daniel Preece Low Fell 7th Feb 2020 passed 1st time 6 minors

Well done Dan on a great first time pass with only 6 minors. Been a privilege getting to know you and help you learn to drive. I wish you all the very best with your studies and your future career path. Well done again Dan and look forward to seeing you about in your own car soon. Take care Phil

Jack Colvin Low Fell 24th Jan 2020 passed 2nd attempt 4 minors

Congratulations Jack on passing your test with just 4 minors at the 2nd attempt. Been an absolute pleasure in helping you achieve your goal and getting to know you. I wish you all the success with your studies and future career. Take care Phil

Karen Ferguson Gateshead 20th Dec 2019 passed 1st attempt

Karen what a great start to a very exciting time in your life. Many congratulations on passing your driving test at the first attempt. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and help you attain your goal. I hope this life skill will help open up many opportunities for you. Take care Phil